The Troublesome Truck is a gray vehicle with a laughing face.


  • 1992 (stenciled face, visible staples on the front and rear end, flat magnets, undated wheels)
  • 1992 (build-in staples on the front and rear)
  • 1993 (lighter shade of grey, stamped on face from Troublesome Brakevan, only sold in England and New York City)
  • 1994 (original shade of grey, flat/round magnets, dated wheels)
  • 1996 (smaller round magnets)
  • 1997 (thicker wheels, larger magnets)


  • The prototype 1992 Troublesome Truck features a more detailed sticker face, whereas all produced versions have stenciled faces.
  • The original 1992 Troublesome Truck had visible staples on its front and rear end, this being unintentional.
  • The 1993 Troublesome Truck saw a limited production run of approximately 100 to 200 units due to the fact that it was a test run. The examples made were never meant to be released.