The Troublesome Brakevan is a generic goods van and companion piece to the Troublesome Truck.


  • 1993 (brown roof, flat magnets, staples, undated wheels)
  • 1994 (beveled flat magnets, no staples, wheels dated)
  • 1994 (black roof)
  • 1996 (small round magnets)
  • 1996 (larger round magnets and different plastic for the magnet guards)


  • The Troublesome Brakevan is in fact not a brakevan but a freight van from the television series.
  • In Germany, it is called the Güterwagen, which translates as "freight van."
  • The Troublesome Brakevan has a stamped white face as it was intended to look like a plastic face that other engines in the range have. This process was however more expensive than the stenciled face the Troublesome Truck uses.
  • According to Roy Wilson, the Troublesome Brakevan was available for short period because it was not very popular and did not sell well to consumers.
  • In the 1994 Yearbook, the Troublesome Brakevan was misspelled as Troublesome Breakvan.