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Toby (first released as Toby the Tram Engine until 2000) is a wise brown tram engine who has a coach, Henrietta.


  • 1992 (sticker decals on sides and front, single roof mould, flat magnets)
  • 1994 (painted decals, curved screwed in roof, no staples)
  • 1994 (round magnets, wheels dated 1994)
  • 1996 (smaller round magnets)
  • 1997 (larger magnets, thicker wheels)
  • 2001 (darker details)
  • 2002 (repainted body with added details and brighter shade of light brown)
  • 2008 (eyes painted a lighter shade of brown)
  • 2011 (CGI style face, lighter shade of brown)
  • 2013 (updated face, added funnel, magnets covered in grey plastic, curved edges)



  • The prototype 1992 Toby features six wheels. Designer Roy Wilson said it was changed to four wheels due to the costs of producing the plastic cowcatchers.