Tidmouth Sheds is a destination and the home of the Steam Team. It was introduced to replace the Roundhouse. It comes with a grey and green version of the Round-About Action Turntable.


  • 2010 (Ten lane turntable)
  • 2013 (Updated graphics, 12 lane turntable)
  • 2019 (Nine lane turntable with operating shack, opening green roof with second level, plastic tools in shed, Nia, figure, and two Wooden Railway to Wood track adapters included)


  • The 2010 Tidmouth Sheds does not feature some of the architectural detail that its prototype has.
  • The cancelled 2018 Tidmouth Sheds features Nia with printed details on exposed wood.
  • Thomas 1942 can be seen on a shelf inside the 2019 Tidmouth Sheds.
  • The 2019 Tidmouth Sheds features unique box artwork with a night time background.
  • Despite showing what appears to be a window displaying the figure and Nia on the 2019 box, it's not actually cut out.