S.C. Ruffey is a troublesome ballast car.

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S.C Ruffey (pronounced "scruffy") is an old freight car with a bad attitude. He encourages the other Troublesome Trucks to cause the engines as many problems as they can. After his trick on Oliver backfired, though, S.C. Ruffey learned a valuable lesson.


  • 1996 (thin wheels, static plastic ballast, and black wheels)
  • 1997 (thick wheels)
  • 2006 (new design with magnetic removable ballast, and orange wheels)
  • 2017 (black wheels, hollow plastic body, pop-up feature, only in Demolition Team)
  • 2018 (new face, spark decorations, only in Dynamite Ryan)



  • A prototype S.C. Ruffey seen in the 1996 Yearbook features flat magnets and a much smaller face.
  • Despite being discontinued in 2001, S.C. Ruffey continued to be sold separately in the UK for many years.
  • 2006 S.C. Ruffey has a slightly longer chassis than other similar trucks.
  • The first prototype of the Troublesome Trucks and Sweets depicted S.C. Ruffey as the Sodor Sweet Shoppe Troublesome Truck.
  • The 2018 S.C. Ruffey's from Dynamite Ryan has a black plastic chassis, and as such has no exposed wood.


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