Rickety (first released as "Rickety" Troublesome Truck) is a character created by Learning Curve. He is a teal troublesome truck who can rock up and down as he moves.



  • The prototype Rickety had a paler teal livery, no front details, a plastic black base, and no eyebrows.
  • Learning Curve gave Rickety his name, which was first used as a description for his special feature, but later became used as a name for the truck.
  • Rickety from the 2013 Gold Mine Mountain Set was redesigned with a CG style face.
  • The first prototype Troublesome Trucks and Sweets depicted Rickety as the Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory Troublesome Truck.
  • A single prototype of an orange Gold Mine Rickety exists. It belonged in a private collection before being sold online.


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