Rheneas is a tough little narrow gauge engine.


  • 1997 (carmine livery, black wheels, wooden funnel)
  • 1998 (plastic funnel)
  • 1999 (redesigned plastic funnel)
  • 2004 (white wheels, larger face)
  • 2012 (CG style face, vermilion livery, black wheels, additional details)
  • 2013 (Less detailing, plastic dome, curved edges, and longer magnet guards)



  • The carmine livery and inaccurate proportions on 1997-2011 versions of Rheneas were the result of being based on various magazine and annual illustrations.
  • Rheneas was not featured in the 2000 pamphlet, but was featured in the yearbook.
  • The face of Rheneas' 2004-2010 model is based on Sir Handel's face from the television series. This probably happened because several promotional photos of Rheneas, including his nameboard, showed his model wearing Sir Handel's face.
  • Rheneas never had a cab ledge despite being introduced in 1997.


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