This article is about James Goes Buzz Buzz Set. You may be looking for Limited Edition James Goes Buzz Buzz.

The James Goes Buzz Buzz Set (also known as the James Goes Buzz Buzz Video Story Set and internationally as the James Story Set) is a set based on the episode of the same name.


  • James with exclusive heat-sensitive color-changing nose
  • Boco
  • 8" Turntable
  • Station Building with bee hives
  • Two Apple Trees
  • Circuit of track with inner area and three sidings
  • "James Goes Buzz Buzz and Other Stories" VHS (Anchor Bay Entertainment)
  • James Goes Buzz Buzz Book (UK/European version)


  • The prototype James Goes Buzz Buzz Set features James with a wooden funnel, and Boco with a gray roof.
  • James Goes Buzz Buzz Set is one of two sets to come with a VHS tape. The other being the Classic Figure 8 Set.
  • When released in Australia and the UK, the 1999 version of the set did not come with the VHS tape as it was a US VHS, and boxes featured crosses over the image of the VHS.