Henry's Forest Log Car is a large green freight car used primarily by Henry to haul timber around the Island of Sodor. It holds up to three logs.


  • 1992 (open-ended, flat magnets, undated wheels)
  • 1994 (open-endes, flat/round magnets, dated wheels)
  • 1996 (open-ended, smaller magnets)
  • 1998 (closed-ended)


  • The logs in the open-ended version would fall out of it whenever an engine pulled it uphill. The closed-ended version kept the logs more secure.
  • The logs in the open-ended version are longer compared to the ones in the closed-ended version.
  • The picture of the 1994 prototype was featured in the 2002 pamphlet, but the picture of the 1996 version was featured in the yearbook.
  • The 1992 Henry's Forest Log Car was only sold with the second version of the 1992 box.