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Henry (known as Henry the Green Engine until 2000) is a green tender engine.


  • 1992-1993: All versions had flat magnets, undated wheels
    • flat topped funnel, smokebox not connected to front bufferbeam, solid coal
    • flat topped funnel, smokebox connected to front bufferbeam, speckled coal
    • beveled funnel, smokebox connected to front bufferbeam, speckled coal
  • 1994-1995
    • first models made in China: all versions had no staples
    • flat magnets, undated wheels
    • round magnets, dated wheels
  • 1996 (smaller round magnets this year only, rounded funnel)
  • 1997 (thicker wheels)
  • 1998 (Rounded Plastic Funnel)
  • 1999 (redesigned plastic funnel and smokebox)
  • 2002 (new face, larger smokebox and boiler, striped boiler, added detail, removed ledge, shorter dome, new tender)
  • 2003-2011 (permanent 2003 wheels)
  • 2011-2012 (new CGI style face, 2003 wheels)
  • 2012-2016 (new face, curved edges, longer magnet guards, other minor details, permanent 2012 wheels)
  • 2017 (redesigned smaller face, slightly redesigned details)



  • The prototype 2002 Henry featured a symmetrical tender while the final version features an asymmetrical tender.
  • The 1992-2001 versions of Henry had slender boilers, whereas ones made from 2002 onwards had more accurate larger ones.
  • Some of Henry's 2002 character cards depicted his 1999 prototype instead of his 2002 prototype.