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Gordon (first released as Gordon the Big Blue Engine until 2000) is a big blue express engine who feels that he is the fastest and strongest on the island.

Product Description

Character Card

As the senior member of the engine family, Gordon is the fastest and most powerful engine on the rails. Although he is extremely proud, Gordon is good-hearted and is always willing to help smaller engines out of trouble.

2018 box description

Meet the guardian. Gordon is strong, physically and mentally, so sometimes he seems wise beyond his years. This means he looks out for his friends and does anything possible to help when they get into trouble.


  • 1992: All versions had staples, flat magnets, undated wheels
    • flat topped funnel, smokebox not connected to front bufferbeam, solid coal
    • flat topped funnel, smokebox connected to front bufferbeam, speckled coal
    • beveled funnel, smokebox connected to front bufferbeam, speckled coal
  • 1994
    • no staples, flat magnets, undated wheels
    • no staples, round magnets, 1994 wheels
  • 1996 (smaller round magnets this year only, rounded funnel
  • 1997 (thicker wheels)
  • 1998 (plastic coal added)
  • 1999 (plastic funnel and smokebox)
  • 2002 (new face, larger smokebox and boiler, added detail, removed ledge)
  • 2003 (striped boiler)
  • 2011 (new CG style face)
  • 2012 (new face, curved edges, longer magnet guards, other minor details)
  • 2017 (redesigned smaller face, slightly redesigned details)
  • 2018 (Printed details on exposed wood, single bogie, larger cab, flat dome, flat rectangular tender)
  • 2019 (printed details on painted wood, metal pins in chassis)


  • The prototype 1999 Gordon is an image of the prototype 1992 with plastic coal edited into the image.
  • The prototype 2002 Gordon had a different shaped cab, resembling the shape of James' cab.