D199 is a pompous and rude Diesel from the Other Railway.


  • 1996 (square body)
  • 2005 (rounder body and roof, new face)
  • 2013 (new face, minor shape details, longer magnet guards, curved edges, updated details)


  • The prototype 1996 D199 featured flat magnets, sticker side decals and a thinner, flatter face.
  • D199 was the first Railway Series-only character introduced to the Wooden Railway line.
  • D199 was not featured in the 2000 pamphlet, however, it was featured in the yearbook.
  • The prototype 2013 D199 featured a more vibrantly colored face and reversed side details.
  • The 2005 D199 is repainted from The Diesel's model, though the roof is slightly higher on D199's model.