The box designs have taken on many different styles and forms over the years.


  • On the back of the boxes, there was info about the product from Learning Curve
  • On the back of destination and multi-car packs, there would be a small display in which other models would be working at the destination or the characters in the pack would be working.
  • Each box included a catalog which had all the products for that year listed.
  • Between 1998 and 2009, boxes had character cards, which were small cardboard cards that told information about the character. International territories continued to produce cards until 2011.
  • The box in the UK had retained the "flap" design until 2012 while the US box had been constantly updated over that period.
  • Porter's 2014 box does not say Real Wood.
  • On the back of most of the 2013 engines's boxes, their prototype is shown.
  • The early 2013 boxes there was a 'rectangle like shape' on top of the wheels along with a tap off to the side to make opening the box easier. The later 2013 releases into 2014-2016 lost that 'rectangle' shape and the small tab.
  • The late 2016, early 2017 boxes the are same as the 2013 but they are wider in length and a bit shorter in height. They also feature an image of the engines with a smaller face on the back representing the change. The plastic surrounding the engine looks the same as the late 2013 releases.
  • The 2018 boxes look vaguely similar to the first original boxes, having a greenery background and the engines are facing towards the right.