Boco is a wise and friendly diesel engine.


  • 1993 (dark gray roof, flat magnets, thin wheels)
  • 1994 (light gray roof, added roof line)
  • 1995 (big round magnets)
  • 1996 (small round magnets)
  • 1999 (small plastic encased magnets, thick wheels)
  • 2003 (name on chassis)


  • He is labelled as Boco instead of BoCo.
  • The first prototype 1994 Boco used Daisy's body.
  • Boco is a repaint of the Knapford Express Coach.
  • The official description for 2003 Boco stated he was "back by popular demand".
  • The 2003 Boco Character Card depicts the 1994 version.
  • Boco was not featured in the 2003 Yearbook, however, he was listed in the pamphlet.



  1. First released in 1993.