This article is about Ben. You may be looking for Bill and Ben or Bill.

Ben is a tank engine who works with his twin, Bill, in the clay pits near Brendam.


  • 1992 (nameplates and lining sticker details, flat magnets, staples, and undated wheels)
  • 1992-1993 (painted on nameplates and lining)
  • 1993 (beveled funnel)
  • 1994 (larger black arch, no staples)
  • 1994 (round magnets, wheels dated)
  • 1996 (smaller magnets, rounded funnel)
  • 1997 (larger magnets, thicker wheels)
  • 2002 (back ledge)
  • 2002 (back ledge removed)
  • 2014 (blue wheels, blue paintwork)



  • The prototype 1992 Ben used James' face. His eyes looked towards his left instead of his right.
  • All individual versions of Ben are identical to Bill, apart from their nameplates depicting their respective names and Ben's eyes looking towards his right.


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