2018 is the first official year of Thomas Wood. It went through a heavy redesign from the Thomas Wooden Railway in an effort to drastically reduce production costs and appease environmentalist groups by using a sustainable source of wood while using less. The vehicles were redesigned so that bare exposed wood in areas such as around boilers, cabs, and corners became visible. All printed detail was achieved through heat transfer decals instead of paint. Additionally, the tender engines were shortened and the shapes of vehicles were made more simplistic. Plastic began to be used much more heavily in sets and destinations. The track system was completely redesigned with new connections, different geometry than the previous system, and a more simple variety of pieces. This was done to end compatibility with other brands, thus giving an incentive to buy Wood track instead of track from other brands. Adapters will be included in sets and track packs for a short time to connect the new track to previously existing track and similar track from other brands.

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  • Towards the end of the launch, several engines received metal pins in their chassis. This will be carried over to 2019.