2016 is the 24th year of the Thomas Wooden Railway.

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Rolling Stock

Multi-Car Packs

Non-Rail Vehicles


Roll and Whistle Engines

Talking Engines

Light Up and Reveal Vehicles

Buildings and Destinations

Bridges and Tunnels


Sodor Story Collection

Book Packs


Track Packs


All individual track pieces are online exclusives.

  • 2" Straight Male to Female
  • 2" Straight Female to Female
  • 2" Straight Male to Male
  • 3" Straight Male to Female
  • 4" Straight Male to Female
  • 6" Straight Male to Female
  • 8" Straight Male to Female
  • 3.5" Curved Male to Female
  • 6.5" Curved Male to Female
  • Curved Switch Track 3.5" Male to Female/Female
  • Curved Switch Track 3.5" Female to Male/Male
  • Curved Switch Track 6.5" Female to Male/Male
  • Curved Switch Track 6.5" Male to Female/Female
  • Y-Track 3.5" Male to Female/Female
  • Y-Track 3.5" Female to Male/Male
  • Ascending 8.0" Male to Female
  • X-Track 6.0" Female/Female/Male/Male
  • Track Riser
  • Buffer Female
  • Buffer Male
  • Stackable Track Riser
  • 13" Ascending Track Piece

Play Accessories

  • Island of Sodor Playboard
  • Three-Bin Storage Engine (online exclusive)


  • Starting this year, the promo of Thomas on the boxes, provided by Nitrogen Studios, who animated the faces in Season 12 and animated the show fully from Hero of the Rails-Season 16, was replaced with a different promo provided by Arc Productions, the company which animates the show from King of the Railway/season 17 onwards. Additionally, there is no longer a golden plaque on the label for the names of destinations and sets. Instead, the text is simply printed onto the blue box design in white.